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Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) are disorders that typically appear before adulthood and negatively impact the trajectory of an individual's development, often with respect to their intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, that may manifest across multiple body systems. However, a lack of predictive biomarkers perpetuates the status quo of inexact treatments, wasted time and resources, and failures to optimize progress for children and families. Thus, the Center for Healthy Brain Development is committed to improve outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by collaborating across grounds for progress across the commonwealth of Virginia. We aim to do so through research and translation, clinical care and training, and policy and partnerships.

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The brain is the only organ not fully developed at birth.

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Researchers Chia-Yi "Alex" Kuan and Hong-Ru Chen

New research from the School of Medicine is shedding light on the development of the brain’s immune defenses – and how those defenses respond to strokes that strike one in 4,000 babies in

As one of the country’s leading autism researchers, Pelphrey was eager to work within the UVA Brain Institute, where he could continue helping people like his 16-year-old daughter, Frances, who was diagnosed with autism in 2007.
In August, Kevin Pelphrey’s team at the University of Virginia launched a long-term study of differences between boys and girls with autism, involving 1,500 children at seven research sites. They were preparing to begin a second wave of data collection when the pandemic hit.